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Performance feedback – Colbun, Chile

Colbun, Chile has issued performance feedback on the four (4) Monsoon Runners® purchased form DynaVec in 2016. Overall, Colbun is very satisfied with the operational performance of the fully HVOF Monsoon Runners®. They estimated that the DynaVec design has increased turbine efficiency by roughly 4%, and that generation is increased by 4 GWh annually or by 4% to 6%.

DynaVec CTO, Dr.Ing Per Egil Skåre, commented: DynaVec is pleased to have yet another satisfied customer, and to be able to assist Colbun with a new and improved customized design enabling a significant increase in turbine efficiency and overall generation. 
Delivering customized, fully protected turbines for challenging environments with high sediment content is DynaVec´s number one priority. End-customers increasingly realize that being able to maintain a high efficiency, and significantly extending the overhaul cycle and reducing turbine down-time is a very good investment. 

News - All sizes

Fully HVOF coated and protected Francis and Pelton turbines can be delivered in all sizes due to the DynaVec patented method of runner assembly. The critical and weakest point in a turbine, related to erosion damage and loss of efficiency, is the runner. Turbines delivered from DynaVec with the patented Monsoon Runner® technology can be HVOF protected for all critical turbine components including the runner, hence enabling turbines without weak spots even for small hydro turbines.


Since crown, band, vanes (Francis) and buckets (Pelton) are HVOF coated before assembly, the coating robot can easily access all areas normal to the surface to get the optimal adhesion between the wolfram carbide and the steel surface. Hence, the water channels will have the same optimal coating quality on all surfaces - compared to welded or mono-block runners where this is not possible due to narrow channels.  

Fully protected turbines regardless of size
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