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Monsoon Runner® 
Operation references since 2008


Chile 2016
4 x 2.45MW Francis
Head = 122m
Diameter = 0.7m

La Higuera

Chile 2014-2015
2 x 90MW Francis
Head = 375m
Diameter = 2.2m

Bajo Tulua

Colombia 2013-2014
1 x 12MW Francis
Head = 220m
Diameter = 1.4m

Forrest Kerr

Canada 2013-2014
2 x 23MW Francis
Head = 110m
Diameter = 2.0m


Peru 2008-2012
3 x 23.5MW Francis
Head = 220m
Diameter = 1.6m


Nepal 2014-2015
1 x 12.7MW Pelton
Head = 670m
Diameter = 1.8

PTM Industrier
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Hammerfest Energi (only in Norwegian)

Performance feedback from Colbun, Chile 

Performance feedback from Statkraft, Peru
10-15% increased energy generation
Archive - Old news
DynaVec to deliver four (4) Monsoon Runners® to Colbún, Chile 

DynaVec signed a Contract for delivery of 4 x 2.5 MW fully HVOF coated Francis runners for the HPP Carena in Chile. DynaVec redesigned the existing turbines as part of the delivery in order to increase and optimize efficiency and energy output. The Contract was signed with Colbún March 2016.  The four fully HVOF Tungsten Carbine coated Monsoon Runners® will be delivered in September 2016 to allow for installation and operation during October 2016 prior to this years Monsoon period.

HPP Carena has significant erosion challenges cased by silt, hence Colbún´s decision to acquire four Monsoon Runners™ enabling 100% of the entire waterway exposed to silt to be HVOF protected to preserve the runners from abrasion, avoid loss of efficiency during operation and stop in generation due to high silt concentrations as well as to minimum double time between maintenance intervals.

DynaVec CEO, Mr. Gunnar K. Gran commented: “It is important to DynaVec to show the hydropower industry that our innovative technology and possibility to fully apply HVOF coating to all surfaces at 90 degrees optimal angle by robot is possible even at very small turbines. A HVOF protected turbine custom designed to withstand erosion will ensure significant increased margins for plant owners, by allowing them to always generate energy with all available water regardless of silt concentration and to maintain the same efficiency throughout time of operation”.

This is DynVec´s second delivery of Monsoon Runners® to Chile. The first Monsoon Runners™ with the DynaVec technology was installed at the 2 x 90 MW Francis high head HPP La Higuera in Chile and operational since 2015.

Two 90 MW Monsoon Runners® delivered to Chile

DynaVec has delivered two 90 MW Francis Monsoon runners® with the patented DynaVec technology to the 375 meters high head hydropower plant La Higuera in Chile.

The first 90MW runner was installed and operational from June 2015 and the second operational in September 2015 in time for the monsoon season. The Monsoon Runners® were delivered in a co-operation with Andritz Hydro. The fully HVOF protected runners will allow for non-stop energy generation and full utilization of available water during the monsoon period, extended maintenance intervals and maintained efficiency.

DynaVec CEO, Mr. Gunnar K Gran, commented: DynaVec looks forward to observe and compare the operational data of the Monsoon Runners® to traditional technology after the first monsoon period on this very important project. Each additional day the DynaVec technology allow customers to avoid operational shut-down due to high sediment content in the water during monsoon period represents a huge income. Being able to generate energy practically non-stop when you have available water is essential to create a healthy business. 

DynaVec Monsoon Runner® delivered to Colombia

DynaVec has completed delivery of a Monsoon Runner® to the HPP Bajo Tulua in Colombia.

The order for the 11 MW Francis runners was received in February 2014, in a cooperation with Andritz Hydro, and delivered in less than seven (7) months.

The DynaVec Monsoon Runner® was put into operation in March 2015.


Colombia is an important market to DynaVec given their challenges with high levels of silt. We are very pleased to supply a technology which can handle the erosion challenges and allow for generation whenever available water is present. The operational data from the 2 x 22 MW Monsoon Runners® installed in Peru and operational with Dynavec technology since 2009 is impressive with an extra annual energy generation of approximately 10-15%, and we have high expectations for HPP Bajo Tulua, commented DynaVec CTO, Dr. Ing. Per Egil Skåre.

DynaVec receives PO for two 90 MW Francis runners for the La Higuera project in Chile

DynaVec received the order for two 90 MW Francis runners for the La Higuera hydropower plant in Chile in July 2013. 
La Higuera is the largest hydropower plant in Chile and is operated by Tinguiririca Energy. The plant has significant erosion challenges cased by sediments, hence the decision to acquire two DynaVec Monsoon Runners® enabling 100% HVOF protection of the wet surfaces to preserve the runners from abrasion and to prolong maintenance intervals.

This is the second time DynaVec has a major cooperation project with Andritz Hydro, but the first time for South-America. Delivery of both runners will be during 2014.

DynaVec CEO, Mr. Gunnar K Gran, commented: We are very pleased to once more cooperate with Andritz Hydro and to have the technology and its benefits recognized. The customer decision to invest in DynaVec technology is a result of a demanding customer wanting to control the erosion challenges and to optimize turbine lifetime-cost and energy generation.

La Higuera is a run-of-river hydro power plant in the Tinguiririca Valley, approximately 150 km south of Santiago. La Higuera has an installed capacity of 155 MW, enough to supply in excess of 452,000 Chilean homes and is the largest hydro power plant in Chile.

DynaVec receives order for two Francis runners for the Forrest Kerr Hydro Power Project in Canada

DynaVec signed the order for two (2) 22 MW bolted Francis runners with Andritz Hydro in December 2011. The two runners will be fully hard coated (HVOF) and delivered during summer 2013. 


We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work together with Andritz Hydro on this project and to demonstrate the advantages of being able to apply HVOF coating at the entire water passage for Francis runners, commented DynaVec CTO, Dr.Ing Per Egil Skåre.

The Forrest Kerr run-of-river project, constructed and operated by AltaGas, has an installed capacity of 195 megawatts. It is located in British Columbia, approximately 1,000 km northwest of Vancouver, Canada.


DynaVec to deliver Francis runner for Venna Hydropower plant

DynaVec is to deliver the Francis Runners for the new VENNA Hydropower plant in Norway. The order was received 15th September 2011 in cooperation with the Norwegian company Small Turbine Partner (STP).

DynaVec CEO, Mr. Gunnar Kristian Gran, commented: We are pleased to receive the order for VENNA, and to once again cooperate with Small Turbine Partner. This shows that the DynaVec bolted technology and manufacturing method for Francis runners are competitive even in areas where protection by coating is not needed.

The 2,8 MW Francis runner will be delivered in June 2012.

Article in The International Journal on Hydropower and Dams

Erosion resistant coatings for Francis runner and guidevanes (Vol. 17 - Issue 2, 2010)

A new production method has been developed to apply a tungsten carbide coating to Francis turbine runners and guidevanes. The turbine was successfully operated at a maximum sediment concentration and sediment load of 20 g/l and 240 kg/s respectively.

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